Royal Sailing cooperates with Erste Bank in Croatia, Austria and Germany. Business is also conducted with ING, depending on the country.

We can also advise you on buying yachts without VAT.

There are various leasing constructions where you only pay VAT on the residual value after expiry. The financing can be paid off by putting the yacht under charter management. The monthly instalments can be paid by means of this construction.

Types of financing:
- Ship mortgage (a long period, usually 20 years)
- Leasing (period usually 5 years)
- 2nd mortgage on your home
- Personal loan, depending on your income
- Leasing in combination with Charter Management
- Time sharing

Leasing and Charter Management
When financing by means of leasing combined with charter management, a down payment is required of 30-40%of the total purchase price of your yacht. The remainder is paid off by the income which you receive (65%) from hiring out your yacht. All the additional expenses such as insurance, berth and maintenance costs can be paid from the income. In this method, your yacht will be assigned to Royal Charter. For more info contact